Belgian Chocolate

Have you ever thought of a 400-year-old recipe? The legacy of the taste that’s being passed down to the generations and their generations, carrying the taste of the finest history in the world, Belgian chocolate is one smooth bite that leaves a reminisce of sweet and glory behind. The pilot event of Belgian chocolate’s history dates back to the 17th century when the Spanish voyagers introduced cocoa to Europe from South America for the nobility to enjoy their hot cup of cocoa drink. An instance floated when a Major from Zurich paid a visit to the country and was served a similar cup of drink. He took the recipe off to his homeland and marked the onset of competition between Swiss and Belgian chocolates. It was later in the 19th century that chocolate was made affordable to all the classes. Post the colonization of the Congo by Belgium, the cultivation of cocoa shifted from America to West Africa.

The composition and its process are what makes Belgian chocolates the best around the globe. A single bite is made when thousands of handpicked cocoa beans are obtained from the lands of Africa and are roasted and grounded to get the final unadulterated chocolate compound. The very famous praline too was invented in a small pharma-sweet shop in Brussels, in 1912.

Sugarcoating isn’t what the Belgians believe in! Creating the original and authentic flavour of cocoa is what they worship around. Brands like Belvas, Cote d’Or and Neuhaus, produce a range of fine offerings to chocolate dwellers. Interestingly, the biggest chocolate seller in the world is the Brussels Airport! There are thousands of Belgian chocolate producers, but very few could fold and indulge their bites into the experience of smooth and intense taste. Today, Callebaut is the biggest producer of Belgian chocolate compounds that are commercially used for the production of a complete bar. When we talk about Belgian chocolates, it all comes in a beautifully crafted box of souvenirs and aesthetic appeals, delivering a class of luxury and richness. And for a fact, this Ballotin box too was introduced in Brussels, by Jean Neuhaus along with the making of praline.

Belgian chocolates are infused with a variety of flavours and other fine assortments to have the perfect creamy texture and exquisite appeal in the line of deserts prepared. Thousands of recipes have the presence of Belgian chocolates, be it in your mouth-watering truffles, or your sweet chunk of praline bites. To attain the creamiest finish, many cake recipes infuse Belgian chocolates as their key ingredient for their high quality and complex notes to blend with one’s naked taste buds and engulf one into the endeavours of richness.

This creamy delight isn’t always a bad option for health too! Belgian dark chocolates are a medical saviour as well! The antioxidants present in cacao are a proven benefit for avoiding health issues like diabetes (ironically, but yes), heart diseases, and severe ones like cancer as well. The speciality of Belgian dark chocolates is that they are highly enriched with cocoa phenol in comparison with the other country’s produce. The secret that keeps the wheel running of Belgian chocolates is its fat ingredient! The unique creamy texture of Belgian chocolates is prepared with the use of pure cocoa butter obtained from the cocoa nibs, after going through the process of fermentation and drying and roasting.

“ There’s nothing better than a friend unless it’s a friend with chocolate”, and yes! Linda Grayson was absolutely right. Belgian chocolate, indeed, is the best friend of all the chocolates around!