frequently asked questions

About The Product

Are ADC products gluten-free?

Yes. What’s good for you is good for us!

Do the products contain peanuts or tree nuts?

No. We have chocolates with almonds and hazelnuts though. In case you’re anti-all-nuts, we have nut-free options too.

Are the chocolates dairy-free?

Yes, they are 100% vegan.

Can children under 6 years of age eat this chocolate?

No, we do not recommend children under the age of 6 should eat this chocolate.

Can I eat the entire chocolate bar, in one go?

It is advised to not consume more than 20 gms (half a bar) at one go. Even though you can get yourself a lifetime supply, leave some for later too?

Care and Storage

What is the best way to store the chocolates?

If unopened, they can be kept in a cool dry place. Opened chocolates can be refrigerated to keep their freshness intact.

What is the white coating on the chocolates?

The chocolates might leave a little bloom: a white-ish formation. Don’t fret, it is the pure form of cocoa butter that appears on top due to temperature changes. Take a bite, it will still taste the same.


Where Can I Buy Your Chocolates?

You could buy them from this website, as well as use our store locator to find your nearest shop.

How Do I Become A Retailer?

More the merrier! Please email us at

Do You Supply In Bulk To Bakeries/Cafes/Restaurants and Hotels?

Yes, we are open for bulk orders. Please send your enquiries to

Return and Refund Policy

What is your Return Policy?

These items are non-returnable due to their consumable nature. However, in any unlikely event of receiving damaged or wrong item(s), we will give a full refund or replacement, as applicable. We may contact you before issuing the refund or replacement to ascertain the damage or defect.

Order and Shipping Queries

I have just pre-ordered the chocolates. When will I receive it?

The preorders will be delivered to you post 15th October. Details of the shipment will be shared with you in your email. Stay tuned!

How long does it take to deliver my chocolate?

We take 5-7 days to deliver your chocolate at your door-step.

Won't my chocolate melt in transit?

We use ice-gel as a standard packaging procedure to deliver your chocolates in perfect condition. If this packaging is missing, check out our refund/replacement policy.

What do I do if the chocolate has melted or is soft when it arrives?

Refrigerate your chocolate before consuming for the best “mmmm” you could have.