Our Story

Treat with your dia-buddy

Who said “diabetics can’t have desserts”? A Diabetic Chef is here to bury that phrase forever. What started off as a blog with recipes for diabetics and weight-watchers, turned into a full-fledged cloud kitchen serving Mumbai a range of sugar-free brownies and other treats. Founded by our Chef, Harsh Kedia, a 23-year-old entrepreneur who has been living with diabetes since teenage, took it upon himself to promote healthy eating. After diving into some thorough research and product development for some time, we’re reopening to cure all your woes!

When we started out, we had the intent of creating something of genuine value to the diabetic and health-conscious community. And we still stand on those grounds today. To transform the pleasure of food, into a frisky, guilt-free affair.

Our commitment to crafting this experience has made us shape our brand right from its roots. We believe in being…


  • Real ingredients. No bullshit.
  • Learn more about our ingredients below.


  • Made for all. Made for you.


  • Wrapping smiles for the love of chocolate.


  • Delivering happiness to 20000+ pincodes. Give us a try?

There goes a saying “You are what you eat”. But do we even really know anymore what we’re having?

A Diabetic Chef is here to change the way chocolate works. While using the good ol’ skills of a chocolatier, the innovation is in the ingredients that we use. According to the unbreakable chocolatier code #101, the richness of the cocoa beans must be uncompromised. We use some of the finest West African cocoa beans to not only to stick to that code, but also to see you go “mmmm” when you take that first bite. The cocoa beans are paired with the well-rounded flavour of bourbon vanilla. And much to your delight, we use zero-carb and zero-calorie stevia. 


Chocolate is one of the most misunderstood foods there is. Many think that it’s the root to many health problems. But since we’re devoted to the world of chocolate, let’s clear some misconceptions, shall we?

In fact, chocolate is good for your health. (Binge-eaters excluded, sorry)

It’s good for the heart

Dark chocolate improves flexibility in the arteries and helps prevent blood clots.

Improves skin health

Known to reduce sun damage caused by UV rays. (This in no way suggests ditching the sunscreen)

Increases insulin sensitivity

Sounds crazy but flavonoids found in dark chocolate improve insulin resistance. (No we’re not saying this to just sell our chocolates)

Reduces cholesterol

Antioxidants found in cocoa help fight bad cholesterol.

Brain stimulant

Improves cognition, memory, and of course boosts one’s mood. 🙂

Increases immunity

Cocoa can improve the antibodies response of the immune system. 

*Facts stated above are found from scientific studies.



We use 100% natural stevia. No artificial taste. No nasties.

Stevia is the magical plant that adds the sweet to our sweet treats. And we aren’t exaggerating in any way when we call it “magical. It’s a sweetener that in no way will spike your blood sugar levels. Perfect for diabetics and health-conscious peeps out there.

  • Natural
  • Zero-calories
  • Zero-carbs