Portion Eating

As the word diet strikes your mind, it automatically directs you to the thought of cutting on your meals and your favourite flavours for of course reasons! That’s how our brain has been processed with the stimuli of healthy food all this while! Take a look back into your memory lane, and try recalling how our parents used to divide our play and study time! We used to have them on our schedule every day, but the size of time used to bound us to have our play in daily portions, and letting the balance of play and academics afloat! Like the equation there, a similar concept of eating food in the size of time would tug you in your balanced boat of healthy and favourite meals! 

Eating in portions isn’t only beneficial for having a healthy weight but also gets along in recording a decent level of blood sugar. It is a popular habit practised by the diabetic crowd in fact! Eating at regular intervals and having the right quantity of the right food is all that takes to have a healthy look at life. The reason why portion eating should pivot in your food lifestyle is that it helps you keep a count of the calorie intake and record your intake percentage of carbs, proteins, fats, and fibre. 

For diabetic people, it’s very necessary to keep a check of the quantity that is to be consumed in order to maintain the normal sugar level. Be it a type 1 diabetic or type 2 diabetic figure the quantity of food is what the play is about. Specifically, when we talk about people with type 1 diabetes who are essentially required to take insulin shots, have to make sure the amount of insulin they are injecting is in proportion to the percentage of carbs they are about to take in. A slight mistake of calculation can ride them to a case of hypoglycemia(low blood sugar level) or the other way around. 

Since diabetes comes with a bag full of surprises, gifts like heart stroke or kidney issues are more usual than others. To avoid such unwanted gifts, it is the reason you should go for the concept of smart eating and not less eating. When people agree on terms of portion eating, the goofing bubble of portion size and serving size bounces and repels the thoughts of the eating habit. So to give it into a linear and simple form, portion size is the amount of food you are having from the serving at a particular time, while the serving size is the specific quantity/ measure of the particle food content. Portion size is completely controllable and can be more or even less than the serving mentioned whereas, the serving size is the total content of the food. A person can have multiple portions of the servings in short. If there’s a packet of ready to eat potato crispers, and it’s 1 packet serves 4, which is the assumed or supposed to be eaten amount per person according to the nutritional label, and you eat the servings of 2 yourself, then that’s the portion of the packet you are consuming by yourself. 

There are simple ways by which you can practice the habit of portion eating, which won’t turn out to be havoc for your routine. Sticking with the habit of measuring food before you are eating would be the small step towards the flotation of your balanced boat, and with this, you can also enjoy your favourite food in small portions and bites to fulfil your craving. The other way to have it in play is by the petit plate strategy. Try getting a smaller room for your meal to avoid the crowding of unessential food content! Perhaps with all the time gaps in between your meals and snack you can learn the art of proportionate eating. To space it all, eating shouldn’t be restricted, it should be enjoyed, but when taken in portions, you can lick the joy of sweet, sour, tangy, chilly, all for one!