Belgian Sugar-Free Dark Chocolates | A Diabetic Chef | Vegan, 40g (Pack of 5 Assorted Flavours)




This guilt-free treat box will take you to simpler times where the richness of cocoa beans dances gracefully with almonds, cranberry, mocha, crispies and hazelnut. Get an assorted pack of our sugar-free dark chocolates.
Each of these flavours has been carefully picked up for you to satiate your cravings.

The ultimate dark chocolate indulgence with our spectacular chocolates. Taste the difference of our luscious flavours.

Our dark chocolate bursts with intense and succulent chocolate and they do not contain any added sugar. Its pleasant sweetness comes from the sugar substitute stevia and maltitol, rounded off with bourbon vanilla extracts.

Disclaimer: “All of our chocolates are being transported far to reach you from our chocolate factory in Pune. All our chocolates are handcrafted and packed in the most delicate manner, but the travel and logistics services are not entirely in our control, and some of the chocolates may crack. But, we’re pretty sure they’re gonna be just as delicious.”

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