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A Diabetic Chef

Hazelnut Chocolate Spread | Finally It’s Sugar Free | A Diabetic Chef | Vegan | Keto | 200g (Pack of 2)

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We all love a delicious spread, but want a healthy alternative. We’ve got you covered! Kickstart your day with our ‘Finally it’s sugar-free’ Hazelnut Chocolate Spread. Made with clean ingredients: 50% Hazelnuts, Chocolate, ZERO Sugar, and lots of love. Our spread is preferred by all individuals who are diabetic, health conscious, fitness enthusiasts and people who are watching their weight. Our spread can be used as a dip, to spread over your paratha, over a slice of bread, a topping over your cakes, or brownies. May contain traces of nuts and soya.


                  Chocolate Spread Hazelnuts (50%), Cocoa Solids, Cocoa Butter, Maltitol, Emulsifier INS322, INS476. Contains added nature identical (vanillin) flavouring substance.

                  • No Trans Fat
                  • No Artificial Flavours
                  • Made with Real Hazelnuts