Just like how carbs are being demonized right now, In the eighties, it was all about fats. The concept of a low-fat diet came into the picture because people were dwelling on the idea that eating calorie-dense food is gonna turn them fat. After researching, the concept of a low-fat diet was reconsidered and it was concluded that not all fats are bad for our body.

There are various articles on the debatable topic: “Acceptance of Fat-rich food”. Since we cannot corner out fats anymore, we have someone new to criticize, CARBS!
But do you think Carbs is the victim or is it a secret Grenade that is gonna explode any moment from now?

Well, we cannot blame both of them. The only thing we’ve got to blame is the practice of gorging or overeating.
Anything in excess is unhealthy for our body. The prime reason for gaining fat is that we eat more than our daily needs. Our bodies excess calories is indirectly stored up as fats

Carbs are being looked down at because for various reasons, one of them is the hormone insulin which is produced in our body. Insulin acts as an absorber and its main task is to absorb sugar from the blood and use it up as energy. The excess amount of this energy is stored as fats for future use.

So right now the enemy seems to be CARBS but let’s try to understand why it’s not.

Carbs can be categorized into two types: Simpler carbs and Complex Carbs. Simpler carbs are generally the one that gets digested easily. Insulin is being released to absorb the available sugar in the blood. This may trigger your sugar craving and leave you unsatiated even after having a whole heart meal. So we try to give in to our cravings and fall in the loop of overeating.

Complex carbs take a lot much time to digest which results in the release of insulin at a much slower rate, keeping us full for longer hours.

A Gain in your weight doesn’t mean we start blaming carbs or fats for it. Both of them are necessary for our body, but what’s important is the right amount of it. We should try not to indulge ourselves in overeating. It has always been our choice to eat a sufficient amount of food but we tend to blame it on others to avoid the guilt of our pleasures. It’s far easier being the victim as opposed to the perpetrator when it comes to weight gain. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, then start taking accountability for your decisions cause in the end you’d realize it’s YOU who is stopping YOUR OWN SELF from all the things you want to achieve. No weight burners, pills, diets are gonna help you reach it if you are not ready to accept it.