• We believe that nothing should stop you from eating sweet confections especially not sugar. At A Diabetic Chef, we do not use SUGAR. Our aim is to create a community of like-minded people who believe that diabetes is not a goodbye to their cravings because you can indulge yourself in some guilt-free treats. We are committed to providing you with the best quality of Zero Sugar confections.

  • Sowing the seeds

    It all started when a 14-year-old, who used to love desserts was diagnosed with type 1.5 Diabetes.

    Every child loves chocolate, imagine being told not to eat one! This is when Chef Harsh started writing blogs for people suffering from the same condition as his. The blog eventually grew into a community of people on Facebook where Chef Harsh used to share recipes and tips on how one can avoid sugar yet enjoy the sweet delicacies.

  • Work in Progress for 7 years – Nurturing the plant for 7 years

    As the child grew, so did his dreams. At this point, he was determined to bring a change. Experimenting and working on his skills and recipes with various people, he was getting close to discovering the secret of healthy eating which was going to change a lot of lives.

    • 7 years of experimenting with recipes,
    • 7 years of experience in the kitchen,
    • 7 years of hard work and determination,

    All these 7 years have finally started to pay off!

  • Re-birth of ADC – Fruit is borne

    After all these years of hard work, A Diabetic Chef was ready to launch its range of Zero Sugar diabetic-friendly Chocolates. It is a challenge to make everyday food diabetic-friendly.

    Using top-notch quality ingredients but keeping in mind that our chocolates are conveniently accessible to everyone and no compromise was made on the taste.

    With the goodness of nuts, berries, classic ragi flakes, and crispies we got it all covered.

    You can choose from our wide assortment of SugarFree Dark and White Belgian Chocolates Our chocolates have reached out to more than 35,000+ pin codes across the Indian Subcontinent and are always expanding.

  • Going Strong

    Well, we didn’t stop at just Chocolates!

    We launched our Naturally Sweet Stevia, which is changing the way people eat sweets. Stevia is a natural sweetener and the perfect ingredient you need as a replacement for tabletop sugar for diabetic and health-conscious peeps out there. It is helping a lot of people quit sugar without giving up on the sweetness.

    The next healthy food revolution is here. The question is are you ready to hop in the journey with us?

  • Somethings that will never change about A Diabetic Chef:

    • Authentic
      Real ingredients. No bullshit.
    • Fair
      Made for all. Made for you.
    • Passionate
      Wrapping smiles for the love of chocolate.
    • Convenient
      Delivering happiness to 35000+ pin-codes. Give us a try?