Our Founder

  • Take your tragedy and turn it into a platform

    It all began for an 8-year-old Harsh when he tried his hand at cooking for the first time. He would sneak into the kitchen to imitate the dishes his mom made for him. And over time, this slow-burn passion for playing with flavors grew.

    Nothing ever stopped him from getting into the kitchen. Not his parents who cautiously watched over him when he was working the stove. Not his friends who coaxed him to come play outside. Not even finding out he had diabetes at the age of 14. In fact, more than ever, his curiosity had peaked. He would spend the whole day perfecting sugar-free, wholesome recipes. That was his life then, as much as it is now.

    Harsh Kedia is a chef-turned-entrepreneur, teacher, motivational speaker and now an author. Having founded and co-founded multiple startups, it’s his forte to turn all his passion projects into a full-fledged business. From marketing to baking, his love for teaching and imparting knowledge has always motivated him to strive harder each day. Having faced struggles from a young age, he is known to be vocal about mental health issues and has been called to multiple events to give talks. He has delivered guest lectures at renowned institutions like IIM Indore, ISB Hyderabad, IIM Calcutta, JBIMS, NMIMS, etc. The 4-time TEDx speaker has also authored a book: Journal of a Serial Entrepreneur, covering a plethora of topics related to starting off as an entrepreneur and building a holistic brand identity with it. Recently, he launched his second book, “Ultimate SugarFree Desserts,” which is the world’s first cookbook on sugar free desserts with 50+ recipes.

    A Diabetic Chef has always been at the heart of what he does. All of his long hours in the kitchen, his passions and dreams alike, have been channeled into creating a brand that genuinely cares about its consumers. His lifelong aim is to reimagine and recreate foods that cater to the diabetic and the health-conscious community.