How to Quit Sugar in 7 days

How to Quit Sugar in 7 days

Yes, you heard it right. You can quit sugar in 7 days time. #ZeroSugarProject

Where there is a will there is a way!

Added sugar in processed foods has turned into borderline addiction for most of us. Don’t confuse yourself with the sugar present in fruits. We are talking about the refined sugar in all of these processed foods that can spike your glucose levels.

But first, why do we want you to quit sugar? It’s simple. We want you to have an energy and focus boost and have an undisturbed sleep cycle. Exciting right?

Now, what can you do to kick these sugar cravings out of your system?

Follow these few simple steps every day and you will see results 🙂

1. Plan, Write it down and Prepare –

Clean out your kitchen and refrigerator. We don’t want anything to tempt you. Plan your entire next week’s meals. Are you going out for a meal? Are you ordering in? Or are you cooking your own meal? Start checking out zero sugar recipes online and believe us they are tasty!

Your next trip to the grocery store is going to be a challenging one, but we have your back. Start reading labels. There can be added sugar in the most unexpected processed food items. Choose the right items. If you don’t plan and prepare then you are going to fail.

2. Stay focussed – First Few days are tough –

Research has shown that addiction to sugar is closely linked to addiction to substances. You will show withdrawal symptoms like headache, stomach pain and irritability. Don’t give up! There is light at the end of the tunnel.

3. Get to know yourself –

Find your defence against these cravings. You can read a book, cook something, dance, exercise or even sleep a little more. Do anything and everything that will take your mind away from your cravings.

Pro tip: Start eating bitter food items to reset your taste buds and reward centre of the brain.

4. Stay Hydrated –

Drinking lots of water will solve half your cravings. Water will help balance your blood sugar, keep your system running effectively, and minimize the impact of any withdrawal symptoms.

5. Time to start eating Protein and Fiber Rich food –

Protein should become your priority and fiber being the next one. Protein-rich foods will reduce your cravings and give you the essential boost of energy you require. Research about food items you like and check if they have enough protein/fiber content in them. Try nuts or even avocado that will be a rich source of protein and fiber. Remember how we planned our meals before, include this point while planning.

6. Give yourself room to breathe –

Don’t try to replace your day to day food items with Zero sugar alternatives. Don’t fight yourself. It is a long war and not a one time feud. Take care of yourself physically and emotionally. Don’t put yourself in situations where stress will increase your cravings for sugar. Be alert about such things. Exercise to help yourself fight these withdrawal symptoms. You come first, not the diet!

7. Mind over Actions –

It’s all easy for us to type these down. It’s easy for you to plan and get all the items you require. But if your mind is not ready for it, then there is no chance that you will be able to do this #ZeroSugarProject. Mind trumps everything else. You have to be mentally prepared for all of this!

Well these are the steps that will help you Quit sugar in 7 Days.

You should start seeing results that will motivate you to continue this #ZeroSugarProject. Its the first few days that are tough, after that you will become a sugar warrior. Don’t forget to celebrate with some dark chocolate, bread and cheese, or a little wine.

You got this! If you need any help, don’t hesitate to DM us on Instagram! We are always here for you!