Unhealthy diets and eating habits.

Unhealthy diets and eating habits.

Even after a wholesome meal, it doesn’t feel complete. There is always some space for a good dessert, perhaps a rich decadent chocolate cake. If you have faced any of these situations before, your eating habits can appreciate a change. Some of these actions alike, indicate unhealthy eating and that can cause various health complications in the long run.

An eating disorder is the unhealthy practice of overeating or starving yourself. All the eating disorders are a cause of the desire to lose or gain weight.

We often find ourselves in a situation when there is mouth-watering food kept right under our noses.
Two scenarios are possible over here, either you’ll try to resist or give in to overindulging.

“Don’t despair, you don’t have to resist your urges, but you have to limit your indulgences.”

Ask yourself a question, Are you really hungry or are you indulging just for the sake of it?

Here are a few examples of unhealthy eating habits. It is okay if you have been following them. It is never too late to change your eating habits and become healthier.

1. Cutting out too many calories too soon

An ideal weight loss plan is to burn your fats by exercising and eating a healthy diet that keeps you full for longer hours. A lot of people follow a major-calorie deficit diet keeping in mind the goal to reduce weight. You might go ahead and achieve your goal. But we have to understand here that what’s important is that it’s not generally fats that you will lose, it’s generally your muscle mass.

The best way to burn fats is by regular workouts and exercises. Let’s do it this way?

2. Going on a detox

Detox is generally a good way to cleanse your body.
It is natural to overindulge but it’s harsh and unnatural to punish your body for doing that. Our bodies have a natural way to cleanse themselves from toxins. When you go on a detox you create a mentality where you end up overindulging more often knowing that you will end up detoxing it. This is where we stop, look back and see if we are doing it right or not? If you are overdoing it, then slowly let’s find ways to stop it.

We are always there to help you 🙂

3. Following a keto diet

Keto Diet has become very trendy these days because of micro and mega influencers promoting it on social media. The ketogenic diet is basically cutting off the carbs from your body completely. Keto diet is all about sticking to a calorie deficit diet that is rich in proteins. Our body requires an equal proportion of carbs and proteins to function smoothly. When you are not giving the body what it needs it will react to the same right?

We completely understand and want to reiterate the fact that “Change doesn’t happen overnight.”

In the same way, your eating habits won’t change over a day. Set some realistic goals and start working on your goals consistently. Consulting an expert would be an ideal way to move forward in this journey!

Every person has different needs for calories and nourishment.

We request you to stop comparing your eating habits by comparing them to someone on the web. Try to learn more about your body requirements, love yourself a little more and you are good to go.

Ready for some self-love and a healthy body?